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When you hear the word “orthodontics” you may think of a pre-teen in the midst of full blown awkwardness that is sorrowfully heightened by the silvery contraptions that protrude from his chapped lips. The only solace to this terrible vision is that soon that young man will grow into his limbs and also be sporting a beautiful smile. If he didn’t have braces, he might otherwise go through life with poor self-esteem and everlasting shyness. But with orthodontics to help, he can step into his teens with a good attitude and a smile that will win him job interviews and good fortune for life.

That’s right, a straight smile can lead to better opportunities and a better life. The orthodontics industry can be credited for millions of beautiful smiles and it’s possible that you know several people who have benefited from the technology of braces and other mouth pieces that are integral in reshaping a mouth to accommodate teeth in a more uniform and aesthetically please manor. Generally, a person will go through a series of visits with an orthodontist to determine the right course of action needed to correct the positioning of their teeth. Then they may use a retainer before and/or after the braces to help maintain the effects.

Retainers are great little tools in the world of orthodontics that can prepare a mouth to receive braces and also maintain the positioning of the teeth once the braces have been removed. They work well to widen a person’s pallet in order make room in an overcrowded mouth as a precursor to having a full set of braces installed. It is a fairly inexpensive and painless option and they come as either removable or permanent models. To create a retainer, a mold of the upper or lower portion of the mouth is taken and then wires are implemented in just the right places to manipulate the mouth as necessary.

After a person wears a retainer to prepare their mouth for the next step in orthodontics (if necessary), they will undergo a procedure so that their Phoenix orthodontist can install braces. The installation will take a few hours. The braces are then tightened and manipulated at regular intervals, usually monthly, to coax the mouth and the teeth into alternate positions that will ultimately produce a beautiful smile. The science behind orthodontics may seem simple, but it does take a highly trained and skilled professional to ensure the apparatus is manipulated properly.

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