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The Invisalign difference-a revolution in braces


Most individuals who have been to their Phoenix orthodontist don’t like the feel of traditional braces. What is even worse however, is their appearance. Ifyou are able to get this procedure done at an early age, usually a child under the age of 12, you find this an exciting time because you get to choose all sorts of colors for your bands. However, once most people have reached a certain age, they care more about how attractive they might look or feel with a set of braces, hence not wanting to go to the orthodontist when they are older. Noticeable, bulky brackets can now be a thing o the past with invisalign.

Many people who are on some sort of dental insurance don’t always have orthodontic coverage. This makes it harder to see an orthodontist, someone who specializes in straightening teeth. It is becoming more prevalent now to not only see people with white teeth, but perfectly straight teeth as well. Due to not all dental insurance providers covering orthodontic procedures, many orthodontist practices have started providing a monthly payment plan for treatment. This basically allows the patient to pay for their expenses in increments instead of all at once, which can prove to be very expensive for some.

In the traditional sense, braces are metal wires placed over the teeth to help in moving and straightening them. The metal wires are then kept together by bands and brackets. Every other month while someone is using braces they will need to get their brackets tightened and their teeth cleaned. The typical time period for someone wearing braces is somewhere around 1 year to 18 months depending on how far out of place the patient’s teeth are. Some people have been known to wear them as long as 5 years.

In 1997, align technologies came up with a comparable solution to the traditional braces being given. This would be known as invisalign. One of the big differences between invisalign and its traditional competitor is the appearance and aesthetics. Whereas the bands, brackets and wires were extremely clunky and noticeable with metal braces, invisalign took a different approach by providing clear, plastic aligners or retainers that can be removed. The invisalign procedure is also able to be done by dentists and orthodontists alike, so if that pesky insurance company doesn’t cover orthodontic services and you want to get straighter teeth at a lower cost, you have an option.

The one down side to invisalign is that in most cases it costs a little more than the alternative, however most people say the cost is worth it due to the appearance and the leeway one has with this treatment. For example, Since they are made out of plastic aligner that help to move the teeth, they can be removed. This makes invisalign more hygienic than regular braces because you can remove them while eating, or brushing your teeth, much like when you are wearing a retainer. Most people who are able to see an orthodontist under their insurance plan will be covered for invisalign treatment, but it is always best to check with your insurance provider if unsure.

With more and more people wanting straighter teeth and a better smile, this Phoenix orthodontist practice is finding it to be one of the most widely used types of treatment in the world. Braces are a necessity for people, but many don’t want to deal with the often bulky and unattractive looking brackets, wires and bands. This new alternative treatment is becoming a known favorite among many patients of orthodontic offices. With the invention of invisalign, the revolution of braces has changed as we know it.

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